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Guidance - School support topics

Parking issues

Often, within a school travel plan or an annual review, schools are reporting that they have issues with dangerous and illegal parking outside and surrounding the school site.

The Transport Innovations team have worked hard to develop toolkits - appropriate for primary and secondary schools - which can be utilised in order to educate drivers on the importance of parking responsibly

To discover more about our Award Winning Responsible Parking initiatives, please visit

You can also contact me (Iona Rogulski, Transport Planner) directly, to find out more or to request FREE Responsible Parking resources that will help to promote your message to your drivers

Highway improvements

Follow the link below to request highway improvements such as:

  • junction improvements
  • traffic calming (for example 20mph zones and speed humps)
  • speed limit changes
  • new signs and lines (for example waiting restrictions)
  • bus stop improvements
  • new cycle paths
  • new footpaths
  • pedestrian and zebra crossings
  • safety-related parking restrictions

Roads and travel

Request highway improvements

Maintenance issues

Please use the online reporting tool at the link below to report road and pavement maintenance issues, for example:

  • potholes
  • worn lines
  • faulty street lights
  • faulty traffic signals
  • overgrown trees and broken signs

Report a problem on the road or pavement

Enforcement of road markings

To request enforcement of existing yellow lines and school zig zag markings, please contact your local Borough or District council as they hold the relevant powers to enable enforcement to take place.

For a list of web links to your local council and to find useful services that they each provide follow the link below:

Your local Borough or District council website

Road safety

For further information on Road Safety (which includes information for Pedestrians and Cycle safety) please follow the link below:

Road Safety

Traffic speed issues

For issues regarding speed of traffic on the highway, please contact Kent Police who have the necessary powers to carry out enforcement.

They can be contacted on the non-emergency number: 101

School crossing patrols

For enquiries regarding school crossing patrols (existing or new) please visit the following website:

School crossing patrols

Walking initiatives

For general information about walking buses please visit:

Walking bus guidelines

If you have an existing walking bus, and require further assistance, please contact the walk to school project Kent and Medway Charity Team. They offer three main packages to ease this problem: walking buses, Walk on Wednesday and Active Bug. In addition they offer the starter package - Green Footsteps.

Kent and Medway Charity - walk to school project

Cycling for schools

For general information about cycling to school please visit:

Cycling for schools

We deliver the three levels of National Standard Cycle Training otherwise known as Bikeability. For further details about cycle training for schools please visit:

Cycle training

School Travel Plans

Kent County Council encourages schools, pupils and parents to think about how they travel to school and the impact of their journey choices on their health, well-being and the environment.

A range of travel options and ideas can be put into a travel plan, including:

  • walking initiatives
  • park & stride
  • Bikeability - cycle training
  • cycling/scooting facilities - shelters and lockers
  • car sharing
  • school buses
  • parking initiatives

The following initiatives can help schools to promote walking, cycling and use of public transport:

We can provide you with further information on the above schemes if required as well as specialist advice and support to enable you to produce or update a travel plan

How do I get help to develop or update a school travel plan?

KCC have developed an online travel plan template for your use, where you will find guidance for developing and updating your travel plan.

Journey sharing for staff

Journey sharing is when two or more people share a journey and travel together to get to the same place.

kentjourneyshare, run by Kent County Council, is a FREE internet-based service available to everyone over eighteen in Kent. It links drivers, passengers, walkers, cyclists and taxi users who make similar journeys and encourages them to share their trip.

Remember: you do not have to be a car driver or even own a car to use this service.

For further information on journey sharing, visit:


Community Wardens

For details on Community Wardens (including how they can assist schools) please visit:

Community Wardens

School access issues

In the first instance, schools should email KCC's Planning Applications department:

Planning permission may be required should the new access lead onto a classified road (A, B or C road).

If the road isn't classified then schools still need to contact Kent Highways:

and log a request for advice to the suitability of the access proposed in case safety or highway measures are required (i.e. zigzag lines, barriers etc).

None of the above

If your enquiry type does not match any of those above:

Please call 0300 041 4141 and the agent will be able to advise you as to who you need to contact


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School access issues
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