Travel Plans for Schools

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Guidance - School travel plans

What is included, who is involved and what help is there?

A range of travel options and ideas can be put into a travel plan, including:

  • walking initiatives
  • park & stride
  • Bikeability - cycle training
  • cycling/scooting facilities - shelters and lockers
  • car sharing
  • school buses
  • parking initiatives

Who needs to be involved in developing/updating a school travel plan and ensuring that it is effective?

The whole school should be involved. Children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community can all contribute. It is important to get support for the idea.

The head teacher and the governors must fully support the project for it to be successful. We can suggest other people and organisations who could be involved, including our Road Safety teams, Eco-schools and the Healthy Schools.

How do I get help to develop or update a school travel plan?

KCC have developed an online travel plan template for your use, where you will find guidance for developing and updating your travel plan.

Can the school travel plan link to the curriculum?

Involving pupils in developing the travel plan gives them a great learning opportunity and will help make it a success. Developing the plan can fit neatly into the national curriculum at Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 and can be included in Maths, Geography, Science and Citizenship.

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